Saturday, 16 May 2009

Blog neglect!

Just thought that although I have been looking at others blogs, I had neglected mine!
Well things have been interesting to say the least.
Been looking at stocking my soakers in shops and on other websites that have the same views as me.
Got stopped with F in my ring sling by a lady who wanted to know more about babywearing.
We have a play bus that visits and I will be putting a leaflet on it to explain what it is I make and sell.

So had a massive order this week which took most of my time!
Had a tremendous feeling of achievement when posting it, only hope they love my soakers as much as I do.

Thought I would update bebesnuggles website with some new photos along with my Facebook page. Getting F into different outfits was an unusual task i grant you but boy did she look cute!
Join me on Facebook, I need all the friends I can get lol!

I have agonised over finding deep and meaningful things to say but most of the time it is the scrambled ramblings of a nutter, thinking about it that is my description in a nutshell!