Friday, 24 July 2009

My head is spinning...

Summer hols under way, kids bored already!
This was us on a walk last week.

It is rare that I am shocked by something that happens, but today I was speechless. x

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Pfau, thats one hell of a wrap!!!

Pfau arrived, M had a party today and after being complimented on my reinforced ruck in front of everyone, I discovered I can't live without her. Light airy, easy to wrap, she is staying au natural and shes mine lol!!!!

On a more familiar note I am attending the Nappy Fair at Clifton Hampden Village Hall 11th July 10-12, l am busy making cute "I must buy those" outfits and soakers!!

On a sad and boring note my windscreen cracked, £75 lighter for excess and then they turned round and said they couldn't fix it until Tuesday!

My dh on the other hand is chuffed as he has taken delivery of Tiger Woods 10 for the wii with some new fangled thing called wii notion plus and guitar hero!!

I have now been featured on the council website for bebesnuggles and the clothnappyportal a new list of wahms.