Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Shorties to go!!!

Well someone said that longies were too long in this heat so shorties were born. Yummy fleece nappy covers but shorter than longies!!

F is asleep in my fav carry of the week RRRR wearing her milkshake t shirt and shorties

Wrap of the week is Rubin jim4 but used my nettle green girasol for her morning nap.
I have some unloved wraps but I am fairly ruthless so when my b/w pfau 5 arrives i feel something must go, the only problem is what?

A is ill so she made dh and I watch Mamma Mia, OMG I laughed so much at the atrocious singing I almost wet myself!!!!

Today is a good day x

Monday, 15 June 2009


A massive 10% off all my soakers and longies when brought at bebesnuggles.

New outfit options at FOLKY

Its all go on Manic Monday!!!!!!!

South of the Border?????
Catch Me on 11th July at the Real Nappy Roadshow 10-12 in Clifton Hampden Village Hall

Saturday, 13 June 2009

I am loving my new longies pattern, it comes in 3 sizes and F would wear them day in day out if I had my way. They have an extra sewn in soaker part so no nappy cover needed. And are made from yummy fleece.
Just Wash and Go!!!!

So website overhaul CHECK
List new items on FOLKSY CHECK
Mow lawn, cut edges, strim, sweep, get sunglasses tan on face CHECK
Watch awful Americas Got Talent re-run CHECK
May use of WAHMFSOT subscription CHECK
Go to bed at a sensible time Will get back to you on that one.
Get fed up of typing the word applique CHECK