Saturday, 12 December 2009

Nappy Party!

Exciting new development in bebesnuggles world.
Always wished you could share your cloth nappy love with friends?


Saturday, 17 October 2009

Going loco down in Acapulco!!!

My next idea to further my business was to go wholesale, well I was well impressed by the feedback and have already completed 2 wholesale orders. Look out for exclusive collaborations, one off's and specials for Christmas!
Look at nappyweb and babybots with more coming soon!

And a cake!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Well finally!!

Have spent the day cold-emailing online businesses with the view of stocking my products.
Have jumped for joy because not only did 4 people want to talk further but one wants to come round and view my work in person!!

off to google trade price list lol!!!

My ode to Rod Stewart!!!

Friday, 28 August 2009

We only went for a walk!!!

And it ended up being a 4 mile hike. Taking in the windy although breathtaking views over from the white horse at Uffington and then the trek to get to Waylands Smithy.
And it was free!!!!

Friday, 21 August 2009

So Proud

Today I am proud of my new product.
It is hand-dyed bamboo velour sanpro type pad with a pocket for boosting in the back.
I also have a special offer of any 4 for £20 until the 9th sept.

On a lighter note we went to the musuem and then for a picnic! It was a lovely day xxx

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

So..................Freyja turned 1

My baby turned 1 today I am so blessed to be able to see her grow upxxxxxxx

I have been thinking about my stash!
Not quite at stashifaction me thinks!!
I am ruthless with my slings and dh comments that some he has never even seen me wear.

Am busy making things for The Big Southern Sling Meet in Reading on Saturday including my new mama and breastpads!!!

All about my need not to be a hoarder IYSWIM.....................................

Friday, 24 July 2009

My head is spinning...

Summer hols under way, kids bored already!
This was us on a walk last week.

It is rare that I am shocked by something that happens, but today I was speechless. x

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Pfau, thats one hell of a wrap!!!

Pfau arrived, M had a party today and after being complimented on my reinforced ruck in front of everyone, I discovered I can't live without her. Light airy, easy to wrap, she is staying au natural and shes mine lol!!!!

On a more familiar note I am attending the Nappy Fair at Clifton Hampden Village Hall 11th July 10-12, l am busy making cute "I must buy those" outfits and soakers!!

On a sad and boring note my windscreen cracked, £75 lighter for excess and then they turned round and said they couldn't fix it until Tuesday!

My dh on the other hand is chuffed as he has taken delivery of Tiger Woods 10 for the wii with some new fangled thing called wii notion plus and guitar hero!!

I have now been featured on the council website for bebesnuggles and the clothnappyportal a new list of wahms.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Shorties to go!!!

Well someone said that longies were too long in this heat so shorties were born. Yummy fleece nappy covers but shorter than longies!!

F is asleep in my fav carry of the week RRRR wearing her milkshake t shirt and shorties

Wrap of the week is Rubin jim4 but used my nettle green girasol for her morning nap.
I have some unloved wraps but I am fairly ruthless so when my b/w pfau 5 arrives i feel something must go, the only problem is what?

A is ill so she made dh and I watch Mamma Mia, OMG I laughed so much at the atrocious singing I almost wet myself!!!!

Today is a good day x

Monday, 15 June 2009


A massive 10% off all my soakers and longies when brought at bebesnuggles.

New outfit options at FOLKY

Its all go on Manic Monday!!!!!!!

South of the Border?????
Catch Me on 11th July at the Real Nappy Roadshow 10-12 in Clifton Hampden Village Hall

Saturday, 13 June 2009

I am loving my new longies pattern, it comes in 3 sizes and F would wear them day in day out if I had my way. They have an extra sewn in soaker part so no nappy cover needed. And are made from yummy fleece.
Just Wash and Go!!!!

So website overhaul CHECK
List new items on FOLKSY CHECK
Mow lawn, cut edges, strim, sweep, get sunglasses tan on face CHECK
Watch awful Americas Got Talent re-run CHECK
May use of WAHMFSOT subscription CHECK
Go to bed at a sensible time Will get back to you on that one.
Get fed up of typing the word applique CHECK

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Blog neglect!

Just thought that although I have been looking at others blogs, I had neglected mine!
Well things have been interesting to say the least.
Been looking at stocking my soakers in shops and on other websites that have the same views as me.
Got stopped with F in my ring sling by a lady who wanted to know more about babywearing.
We have a play bus that visits and I will be putting a leaflet on it to explain what it is I make and sell.

So had a massive order this week which took most of my time!
Had a tremendous feeling of achievement when posting it, only hope they love my soakers as much as I do.

Thought I would update bebesnuggles website with some new photos along with my Facebook page. Getting F into different outfits was an unusual task i grant you but boy did she look cute!
Join me on Facebook, I need all the friends I can get lol!

I have agonised over finding deep and meaningful things to say but most of the time it is the scrambled ramblings of a nutter, thinking about it that is my description in a nutshell!

Friday, 13 March 2009

Sneaky peak time again!!!

What it says on the tin, a sneaky preview of a set inspired by Easter!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Thank goodness for that!!!

Am already selling my stock, I can't believe it!
Although I need to add a Why Use Fleece to my website, I know its fab but need to spread the word!

Really pleased although there is few to share it with round here. I will be the first to admit I am not perfect I have made mistakes, but when I am trying my best please give me a thumbs up once in a while.

Will be publishing teaser photos of my Easter soaker/ t shirt combi tomorrow and it will be going onto, over the weekend.

Had an interesting few days, Shakespeare festival on Tuesday was enlightening but then parents evening tonight overran for us by 90 mins, while Morgan whinged she was bored, Freyja slept on my back, Ayns wandered and Phil, well was Phil, we had the usual she is a fab student A+ GCSE hopeful. Like picking her GCSE's is not hard enough, we may be dropping German and swapping to French (although it may be different come morn).

On a down note my maternity pay has stopped, am fearing our financial future going from two incomes to one.
I know lots of families are much worse off than us but wonder how much more cutting back has to be done.
I really love sewing. making, tinkering but need to get bebesnuggles out there and make it work for me.

Till next time America x

Sunday, 8 March 2009

A small step for man!!

Tomorrow is the day I have picked to stock my ebay shop with my new products.
Have worked hard for months making patterns, trying them out finding supplies having a go at samples, balls ups etc!

Felt really proud of what I have achieved while taking photos today.

Am very nervous!

Have approx 13 different things to list and hope all the late nights researching and website building will be worth it!

Decided to go with fleece because I find it too time consuming to wash woolies by hand. I need something I can throw in the washing machine.

So tomorrow goes as follows. School run, doctors apt, stock shop, shout to all and sundry about it being open and then pick up all the stray bits of cotton that have found their way everywhere!

Have put posters up in my car and will be printing some business cards off to send out.

If everything goes O.K I would love to approach some online shops to sell my wears.

Next step obv dying and deciding on the best pattern for my Happyflowernappie.

Have another reason to be chuffed this week, demonstrated a ringsling at slingmeet in front of what seemed like thousands of people!
Forgot to do a cradle carry but then F hates cradle carry so know why it slipped my mind.

Saw In Bruges last night an excellent film, not one I would normally watch but very touching in its own way.

Added two beautiful wraps to my collection last week. A very pretty but oh so crunchy Lana Tattoo and a Hoppediz Florenz from Austria dyed by its original owner a lovely latte colour.

Monday, 16 February 2009

When was valentines day again?!!!!

Think I may have missed valentines day!

I do love my longsuffering hubby and this is such a flattering picture!
Am struggling today, I lost my zigzag foot, ordered another one only to find it in my sling bag!
Am waiting for some new cotton fabric to dry and then I can make some more breast and mummy pads to go into my ebay shop.
Sometimes it feels like I have so many ideas my head will explode!
I flit from one thing to another but it is coming to crunch time soon, I have to make a decision about returning to my job and unless I can make a go of I'm not sure what to do.
I love tinkering, doing bits and pieces but find it hard to focus on one thing at a time!
I have for instance awoken with the mental pattern for a girls dress with snap shoulders which would be ideal for summer and our upcoming holiday. The material is laying ready for cutting on my dining room table.
I mastered using my snap press too so have the resin snap press world at my feet :0)
I need to do those posters for the car, so everyone knows what I am up too and my website is looking a little neglected to say the least.
On a brighter note I opened a folksy shop to sell my OOAK items as I feel they may sell better there than ebay.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Really should go to bed!

Keep thinking about it but, guess I should do it!
We had snow again today, please let the schools be open.
Cabin Fever anyone!
Managed to get out today for a short while to go to a well known orange coloured supermarket?
Got called home to take Ana to her rehearsal for the Shakespeare Festival on Thursday evening.
Made a coffee cake for desert today, it was very nice and will be using the recipe again.
Morgan donned her A ballerina apron to assist and is getting a dab hand at breaking eggs without leaving behind half the shell.
Toyed with the idea of getting my machines out as Ana has promised to be a guinea pig and try out my new washable facial wipes.
They don't have a name yet, but she has chosen bamboo velour one side and organic cotton flannel the other.
If they manage to get off the amount of eye make-up she uses they can remove anything!
Will post pictures when done.
Asked Phil to pass me my silk indio wrap from my carrier bag tonight and when he couldn't find it he remarked "How many of these things have you got?!"
3 long, 3 short, 3 mei tai and 1 ringsling (not enough imo, oh well!)
When I remarked I would like some Bruce Parry books he asked if I would like them for my birthday.
I said I would rather have an expensive carrier for my birthday to which he replied I would buy it anyway regardless of cost!
Be careful its a jungle out therex

Saturday, 7 February 2009

We asked for a snowman not the end of the world.

This is my blog, somewhere to rant for no reason whatsoever, you may all join me on my quest to raise kids, run a house, build a business and grow old with my husband.

This was the view at 6am, after digging my husband out and pushing his motorbike back in front of the house!

Its looks beautiful the real power of nature.

Would like to thank fate that Mr Tesco delivered our shopping on Wednesday, that we live near a postman and he got all our mail and delivered it and for the fact I haven't lost my mind while being stuck in the house with 4 kids who haven't been to school since wednesday!