Sunday, 21 February 2010

Where do i start :P

I know I am again guilty of neglecting you but I am rather busy!

I have 2 new products in testing.

I am training to be a breastfeeding supporter, to help other yummy mummys to share the pleasure of the 'mummy milk'.
After joking about it for a while I am training to be a doula in May.

I have added babyslings, amber, special offers, elastic waists, PUL and much more to my website bebesnuggles.

More places to buy instock fleece nappy soakers and a Nappy Fair in April its a busy 6 months for me.

On a lighter note, my daughter is blossoming into a beautiful young lady, she came down in a figure hugging dress and leggings and ooh how it made me feel old.
After everything my children have been through I am tremendously proud of everything they do as they have succeeded against the odds.

And a BIG shout out to my long suffering dh, without him pulling us through we would be no-where.

z x

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